The Editor:  Is health a big deal this week, LL ?

Not A Licensed MD Cat:  It sure is, especially if you are an American citizen.  You can’t even visit some hospital patients.

At the University of Maryland Medical Center if you do manage to sneak in and don’t speak Spanish, the employees will take you to a bus stop in your hospital gown and say,  vaya  con dios.….0…1..64.psy-ab..1.3.1591…0i131i46k1j46i131k1.0.gmS1dv6vvJs

I almost think parents should be licensed.

If you recall,  Baltimore was where the mayor didn’t stop a riot a couple of years ago, because the rioters needed to express their opinion by killing police and burning down the city.

Good luck with this.

Florida’s free roaming wild monkeys carry a virus that can kill you.  I bet before long the virus will jump to every wild animal in the Sunvirus State.

California has a new visitor. They are probably trying to escape Fukushima  radiation.

This creep is being charged.

This song is for all nuclear power plants.  At least California is wising up.  It takes a quarter of a Billion dollars to close a nuclear plant or an earth quake or terrorist.  You can’t really close them, the nuclear waste stored at each plant is a killer for 10,000  years.

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