A Riddle for you….

Did you know that Chuck Schumer weighs 210 pounds?

Dog defecating on the green grass Stock Photo - 46081116

Image result for pic of chuck schumer








Your Riddle:

If you have two bags….you put Chuck Schumer in one bag and 210 pounds of dog feces in the other bag,

“Then you do the hokey-pokey and you shake them all about…..then you turn around and you dump the baggies out….”

How would they differ?

Answer: One Pile of fecal matter would contain a pair of glasses.


Do you recall the cartoons and pictures of Satan that you have seen through the years? Remember the pointed chin and hook nose? Look at any picture of Shutdown Schumer….just imagine some little red horns and a pitch fork….there he is….The Devil Himself Rules the Democrat Party….perhaps that is why our world is getting warmer?


-Sheila Tolley-


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