The Editor:   Is  Ground Hog Day important, LL ?

Suey Cat:    Not any more.  It used to be important before all the electronic media.  Now it’s just a photo opp.  They poke Phil out of his home with a hickory stick, and make up some mumbo-jumbo.  You would almost think that Pelosi was in Haiti throwing some chicken bones to predict the future.

Amigo said he could predict the future to, with a bottle of Crown Royal.

I just hope that there are not any more Ground Hogs dying for New York City.  In 2016 de Blasio killed a transsexual Ground Hog named Charlotte, that they tried to pass off as Chuck.  By the time his term is up NYC will be as dead as the late Charlotte-Chuck Ground Hog.

Speaking of predictions, here is what Trump dreams of concerning the Progressives.

Speaking of Clint, here is a new movie.

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