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Rapid Promotion

The boss called one of his employees into the office.

“Rob,” he said, “you’ve been with the company for a year.  You started off in the post room, one week later you were promoted to a sales position, and one month after that you were promoted to district manager of the sales department.  Just four short months later, you were promoted to vice-chairman.  Now it’s time for me to retire, and I want you to take over the company.  What do you say to that?”

“Thanks,” said the employee.

“Thanks?” the boss replied.  “Is that all you can say?”

“I suppose not,” the employee said.  “Thanks, Dad.






The Editor:  What is a potpourri, LL ?

Language Cat:  It’s just a mixture, like DIVERSITY.   Like our Olympic Team.

Everyone knows the Pope is a Socialist/Communist.

Here is a small town trying to save its water supply.  They don’t care about chooocccollate.

After 25 million years woodpeckers are in danger.  They probably don’t care.


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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Bow Tie Moon and Star Trails
Image Credit & Copyright: Haitong Yu

Explanation: On January 31, a leisurely lunar eclipse was enjoyed from all over the night side of planet Earth, the first of three consecutive total eclipses of the Moon. This dramatic time-lapse image followed the celestial performance for over three hours in a combined series of exposures from Hebei Province in Northern China. Fixed to a tripod, the camera records the Full Moon sliding through a clear night sky. Too bright just before and after the eclipse, the Moon’s bow tie-shaped trail grows narrow and red during the darker total eclipse phase that lasted an hour and 16 minutes. In the distant background are the colorful trails of stars in concentric arcs above and below the celestial equator.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space