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Poor Pebbles.


The Editor:  Is gambling big now days, LL ?

Snake Eyes Cat:   It sure is.   The first recorded gamble was when Eve ate the fruit.  She gambled that knowledge of good and evil would be better than eternal life without any worries.

Ever since then gambling has been essential to humans.  It is in their DNA, Genes, and Chromosomes.  The Romans were the great gamblers.  They had a goddess for fortune and luck.   Those were the good old days.

Gambling became so popular that people started cheating to gain an edge.  Here is a good example.

The feds should let small banks take care of family and small business loans and let the big banks gamble like they did before the 2008 crash.  They could move from Wall Street to Las Vegas.  They could get some volatility with no taxpayer bailout.

You can say what you  want about the Glass-Steagall Act, but for over 60 years there was no 2008-like meltdown.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Roadster, Starman, Planet Earth
Image Credit: SpaceX

Explanation: Don’t panic. It’s just a spacesuited mannequin named Starman. As the sunlit crescent of planet Earth recedes in the background, Starman is comfortably seated at the wheel of a Tesla Roadster in this final image of the payload launched by a Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6. Internationally designated 2018-017A, roadster and Starman are headed for space beyond the orbit of Mars. The successful Falcon Heavy rocket has now become the most powerful rocket in operation and the roadster one of four electric cars launched from planet Earth. The other three were launched to the Moon by historically more powerful (but not reusable) Saturn V rockets. Still, Starman’s roadster is probably the only one that would be considered street legal.

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