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The Editor:  Is there more than one kind of money, LL ?

Poor Cat:   I never thought much about it until research on this article.  There are a bunch of types.  My first type is ” shy money “.  This woman wants her life kept private.   My advise is get Hill-gal to clean your phone and electronic equipment, then you will be as anonymous as Al Gore/Joe Biden, and the dead Benghazi Americans.

This country has so many Billionaires that millionaires work as domestics.  Pretty soon they will want more ocean front property.

One day the Billionaires will settle for a small yacht and some MRE’s.

Here is the biggest source of money in the world.  The taxpayer.  The Pentagon lost track of 800 million.  It is probably like Hillary losing track of 6 Billion as Secretary of State.  The check or receipt is in the mail.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Partial Eclipse Over Manila Bay
Credit & Copyright: Armando Lee (Astron. League Philippines), F. Naelga Jr., 100 Hours of Astronomy (IYA2009)

Explanation: What’s happened to the setting Sun? An eclipse! In early 2009, the Moon eclipsed part of the Sun as visible from parts of Africa, Australia, and Asia. In particular the featured image, taken from the Mall of Asia seawall, caught a partially eclipsed Sun setting over Manila Bay in the Philippines. Piers are visible in silhouette in the foreground. Eclipse chasers and well placed sky enthusiasts captured many other interesting and artistic images of the year’s only annular solar eclipse, including movies, eclipse shadow arrays, and rings of fire. On Thursday parts of the Sun again will become briefly blocked by the Moon, again visible to some as a partial eclipse of the Sun. Thursday’s eclipse, however, will only be visible from parts of southern South America and Antarctica.

Tomorrow’s picture: blue comet cluster