OLYMPIC   NEWS…….NBC is so used to distorting the truth and facts about Trump, history, and Russia that their opinion leaked into their Olympic reporting.  They forgot that they weren’t in America, where their lies go unchallenged.   What a hoot.



The Editor:   Did you find some things about Pelosi, Waters, Hillgal, or Ruth Bader Ginsberg, LL ?

Egyptian Cat:  I found things even older than those rat-faced skanks.  The first is from the Mayan’s in Guatemala.  It’s a shame this HUMAN SACRIFICING culture vanished.

Here are more Egyptian discoveries.,400-year-old-tomb-discovered-outside-Cairo

A Spanish code was recently broken.

The Editor;  What did they decipher, EC ?  Is the secret code like the one the Sphinx uses ?

The message said ” kill more Englishmen “.  It is very similar to ours.

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