Who took my green paint?

My best guess……this artist is actually a really mad Republican seeking retribution from the obamas. I think she got even !!!

 I can just picture Our Beautiful Melania and our Meticulously Dressed Donald hanging beside these two Alley Oop Throwbacks. It is going to look like the “Before and After” pictures of Civilization.


Scroll down on the link below and read all the comments. They nailed it!!!


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2 thoughts on “Who took my green paint?

  1. ….if I were michelle obama and that portrait of me was really intended to be displayed in a public place…..I DAMN GUARANTEE YOU… THERE WOULD BE AN UPCOMING ROBBERY AT SMITHSONIAN’S NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. I would hide that thing with Barack’s original African Birth Certificate and his Koran.

  2. I will take a moment to name these portraits for the sake of American History….”Stoned in the Kudzu Field” and “Wearing my Geometry Test.”

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