Here is another pet recall.


The Editor:    What is the Show Me State, LL ?  Is this like playing doctor, or spin the bottle ?

Jefferson City Cat:  It started off as Missouri, but has morphed into a porno show.  Go figure.

Here is the Nashville Mayor.

TE:  How did they discover she was having sex in the cemetery, JCC ?

When she changed into the orange jump suit there was an indentation on her butt that said ” Died  4-15-53 “.   1853.

TE:  Is there any other evidence that you could steal ?

In one unreleased audio tape she asks the Deputy if that was a pistol in his pocket or if he was glad to see her.

Here is one of those crazy California Fuzzy Legged Fem-gals wanting to play spin the bottle.  She also is a State Representative.

The Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to prove he isn’t racist.

These jokers can sure dance around an issue.

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