The Editor:  Those are some varied topics, LL.

Heinz 57 Cat:   They certainly are, we use variety rather than diversified.  Here is the sad story of two stowaways, they should have asked Pelosi to research the plan.  It is fraught with problems.

Here is an unusual story.   Molly has a Megyn Kelly nose.

Eat your vegetables & be strong.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion….Please help me circulate this information. Pit Bulls are tastier than pork. I am considering using a campaign similar to the one in which the Cow says “Eat More Chicken.” For some….crazy reason….many people still own these murderous dogs. They even allow them around little children. The owners should be tried for murder when these dogs kill people. They should be tried for attempted murder when their powerful, jaw locking dogs hurt people.

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