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The Editor:   What about the olden days, LL ?

Old Cat:   Once you got past the discrimination,  things were not much different than now.   You started taking dope at two years and continued until you died

A black guy is being discriminated against.

Oprah is waiting on God to talk her into running for President.  At the 2016 convention they voted 3 times before God could be mentioned in the platform.

Here is a new idea.

Here is an ancient cemetery.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus
Image Credit & Copyright: Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual

Explanation: Sometimes the sky above can become quite a show. In early September of 2010, for example, the Moon and Venus converged, creating quite a sight by itself for sky enthusiasts around the globe. From some locations, though, the sky was even more picturesque. In the featured image taken in Spain, a crescent Moon and the planet Venus, on the far right, were captured during sunset posing against a deep blue sky. In the foreground, dark storm clouds loom across the image bottom, while a white anvil cloud shape appears above. Black specks dot the frame, caused by a flock of birds taking flight. Very soon after this picture was taken, however, the birds passed by, the storm ended, and Venus and the Moon set. Bright Venus is again visible just after sunset this month (2018 March) and will appear quite near Mercury tonight and the rest of this week.

Tomorrow’s picture: the sound of redshift