Archive | March 12, 2018


The Editor:  Do you know why men have lower sperm counts, LL ?

I Know Everything Cat:  I sure do.   The chemicals in plastic mimic estrogen, the female hormone.  Everything we eat is sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, and other poisons.  If you want to study the issue you are 50 years too late.  These basic items should be studied in the labs before approval by the FDA, and EPA.  Another reason is ugly women, have you noticed the number of fugly women in the news.

Compare the average American male with the Amish Americans.  The Amish probably have the least exposure to the poisonous chemicals sprayed on and added to every food item since the 1960’s.

Here is what the liberal creeps want, Does He or Doesn’t He ?   The Breck Guy.

Trump tries to patch things up with Maxine, one of the previous mentioned women.  Get behind me Satan.