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The Cost Of Doing Business…..

The solution to every problem is not instantaneous!

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Before people start their bitch  sessions about President Trump….read and absorb the facts in the following link. AND above all……don’t forget the segment on 60 Minutes a couple years ago that pointed out OUR MILITARY PLANES WERE FORCED TO ROB PARTS FROM OUR GROUNDED PLANES TO CONTINUE MISSIONS.

Scroll on down to this section in the link

Amount Added to the Debt for Each Fiscal Year Since 1960

and do a little comparison.



The Editor:   What match is going on, LL ?

WWE Cat:   It’s the wrestling match of the century.  Here is a preview of the exciting  Texas Death Match.

Here is a rarely seen video with Elizabeth Warren’s great grandfather.

TE:  Who are the contestants, WWEC ?

Here they are–once the ring is surrounded with razor-wire only one will walk out.–politics.html

There was no suitable wrestling song.