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The Editor:    What made America great, LL ?

American Cat:    A mostly free people.

Here is where too many politicians ( elected officials )  have taken America in the last thirty or so years.  A corrupt government.

This might be the high point of American Culture in recent years.  The writing is even unacceptable, ribbed or regular, lubricated or not, glow in the dark or regular.  The reporter needs to do more research.

Here is a fem-gal who finally decided to retire,  after letting her chief-of-staff go unpunished after he threatened to kill a female co-worker.

Temple University male faculty members disagree with evolution and creation.  Diversetion is their creed.

Here are some of those mostly free people.


On My Soapbox

Good morning to all you folks in hearing range of my soapbox………….

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I can remember when the elimination of the military draft was first being discussed in America. I was a senior in high school. It did not help in my case because my future ex-husband had already joined the Navy to be enlisted and go for boot camp a month after our graduation from high school and three weeks after our wedding date. Yet….I was so happy about the possibility of the draft being eliminated. It was officially eliminated in 1973.  TODAY, IN RETROSPECT… opinion is, the elimination of the military draft was the beginning of America’s decline. The general public has no respect for our country anymore. There is no respect for our military by our youth anymore. People want to blame “the falling apart of families” and “they had no Daddy at home” for the sorry kids of today. My Mother had two husbands….1 daughter and 3 sons were in the first litter……1 son and 2 daughters were in the second litter. Both Dads checked out when us kids were VERY small….never to return. Yet, all my brothers enlisted in the military, 2 Navy, 2 Army. None of Mama’s 7 kids ever killed anyone, hurt anyone, took drugs, spent time in prison, went on welfare, etc. What these “new kids on our block” should have had in their life is some discipline and the military would have filled that void in their life. We have a bunch of lazy and disrespectful kids out there who were bred from sorry parents who think our tax money owes them a living and I am sick of it. As if we do not have enough free-loaders, the idiotic democrats think we need to import more tax ticks from Mexico and every other sorry ass country in the world. I think President Trump should put the DACA free loaders up for adoption. I know all these rich antagonizers like Soros , Oprah, Clooney, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Barack and Michelle, Bill and Hillary, The whole Bush Clan, RINO Mc Cain, etc. would just love to have them in their house.

AND this little HOGG boy from the Florida shooting? I would love to spend a few days with him….I mean seriously..I just want to look at him and say…“You shut up when grown ups are talking, BOY! ….he needs to be shown that he is still in the piglet stage…the PUNK!

Sheila Tolley