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The Editor:  Are you and The Sphinx really nominated for a Pulitzer, LL ?

News Cat:   We are.

TE:   Could you review your award winning articles ?

Humble Cat:  I will try.  These links are in our archives, they were used to make a point.   Sadam is the first one.

Here is how I traveled in the Mideast during the Bush War Criminal War.

Here is how every country in the world was established.

Eventually, you have to protect your borders, if you are successful,  people want what you have.  This is my most misunderstood link.  Its intended purpose is to show that borders are necessary and the host country decides who they admit.

You might even need identification.

Sometimes people have to be persuaded ( multiple entry–also nominated for best scream ).

One important thing is to apply the law evenly and quickly.