Bon Appetite


The Editor:   What is this about, LL ?

Secret Cat:  It’s about personal information taken from everyone who uses a keystroke or phone.  Here is ole Mark Zuckerberg.

Your government stores everything electronic written/spoken at this location.

Here is another beehive.

Here is data taken while you drive.

The Editor:  Do you trust anyone, Secret Cat ?

SC:   I only trust people that I know personally.   Everyone else is under suspicion.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion………I am SO SICK of people NOT BEING UNDER OATH when they are part of senate hearings. What good are they? Are they afraid a lie will sneak out of their lying mouths? Zuckerberg..another CROOKED LIAR!!! Hillary Clinton was not under oath when she gave her set of lies to the FBI. The ones that are under oath simply plead the Fifth Amendment so they do not have a need to speak at all. Perfect example…Lois Lerner. They are all a bunch of lying, sneaky, thieves. If President Trump ever has a need to be in a hearing, I hope he DOES NOT DO SO UNDER OATH and I hope he answers EVERY question with a lie bigger than the one before…..Why would that be a problem, lying is not illegal, just lying under oath is…If THE SWAMP could truly be drained, the scum would fill our oceans to the max.
    We need a #youtoo movement for our political system?

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