The Editor:   Do you want to film pubic areas, LL ?

XXX Cat:   That title was for our Platinum Membership Sphinx.  I left it to get more readers.  I am all for every place in America that is public to have cameras.  It is public, even Hill-loser can understand that.   The images should be made available in all crimes and rule violations within 48 hours.  All the lawbreaking officials do is hide the evidence.   The owner of the equipment and images are the American public.  For goodness sake you have to sue public officials to get public property.

Here is Starbucks with a camera in the bathroom, to make up for hating Afro-Americans.

You don’t have any expectation of privacy in public areas.   The Zapruder Film of JFK being killed was released 12 years after it happened.  It this a shot from the rear as Dan Rather reported, and the Warren Commission hid.   This video is graphic.

I still haven’t seen any video of the plane hitting the Pentagon.   DC, probably has more cameras on public buildings than felons in Congress.   The truth from any government is like tumbleweeds blowing across the prairie.  Occasionally  it piles up so that the government can’t lie about it not existing

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