Here is one way to stop crime.  Baltimore, the city where the mayor said that rioters and looters needed their space to express themselves.


The  Editor:  Should our loyal readers look at these properties, LL ?

Free as the Wind Blows Cat:  I would, some look like a good place to live.

Here is one on the Salton Sea.

Malibu is doing fine.

This is a historic home.

Here is another home of note.

This one is for people with a wanderlust.


  1. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s paid Freddie Gray’s family a $6.4 million civil settlement before the case even went to trial. Then all the people blamed for his death were found NOT GUILTY in a court of law…I wonder if the parents paid the money BACK with a check or money order? Perhaps a pallet of cash in an unmarked train car after dark? Baltimore tax payers should STILL be raising Hell and demanding the money be put back into the system and split between the people whose names were blemished and tried without cause because this little mayor wanted to show her authority.

  2. Maybe America should put up a ” Closed Early ” sign on the Mexican border. Come back when you learn English.

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