The Editor:  Is this about Campbell’s  Soup, LL ?

Asian  Cat:  I don’t know anymore.  I hope Trump and his new buddies get out of the news quickly.  I can’t keep track of the names.  Campbell’s Alphabet Soup is where they must have picked their names.  We have   Moon Jae-in  from SOKO,  Kim Jong Un  from NOKO,  and  Xi  Jinping  from China.

TE:  Don’t you have a foreign cataspondent in Hong Kong, maybe she could report the important things.

AC:  I do but with all the anxiety and stress over which coiffure to wear she has lost all of her hair.  Half wanted her to wear Un’s buzz cut and half to wear Trump’s dead rat look.  I hope she can endure the pressure.   Here is Ching-A-Ling’s photo.

TE:  That is unfortunate.  Do you have a plan  ” B ” if the place they are meeting has complications ?

Fly Me Cat:  I sure do.  We paid to have the crew of the Asiana  plane that crashed in San Francisco to get extra training.  They only had one mishap, but we corrected that.  We are confident that things will go well.  The other problem that we think we solved was the Democrats on the DMZ, that’s where they get their campaign promises.  We told them that a prayer service was scheduled.  They left like Comey looking for a cameraman/woman.

You can’t make it up.

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