Archive | May 2, 2018




The  Editor:   Are you giving advice today, LL ?

Make Your Life Better Cat:   You betcha.

Here is a question from the Republican Party,  how can we improve in the November elections ?

Freedom Cat:  Nominate qualified people, and have Trump explain how he needs them in each state to continue his successes.   No moore creeps like the Alabama candidate.   The Republicans should spend every cent they have on the midterm elections.   If they don’t do well in the November midterms 2020 won’t matter much. 

The Editor:   What does WAPO, NOKO, NPP, and PUAR stand for ?

Language Cat:   WAPO is the Washington Post.  It is a  Democratic Party mouth piece.  NOKO  is the new reference for North Korea.  NPP is the Nobel Peace Prize that Trump and the other leaders will share.  Maybe taking Obama’s back.  PUAR is short for Pis* Up A Rope, which is what patriots should tell the Progressives and other traitors.

The Editor:   Should I buy extra insurance for home appliances, automobile breakdowns, and single purchases for items at the big box stores ?

Save Your Money Cat:   No, they are all a waste of money.  The first response you will get if something breaks is ” it is normal wear and tear “.   Save ten ( 10 ) dollars a week for these future problems.    Don’t spend it on dope, sex, liquor, or political bribes.

TE:  After your article on ” Manliness ”  many loyal readers want to know what men should strive for, FC ?

This should be their goal.