Sunday is Mother’s Day.


The Editor:   What is a New York special, LL ?

Muckraker Cat:  I believe New York people get who they deserve.   Hillary was a good example, of one kind of crook.  Here are some state officers and national officers from the good ole Empire State.  Promise the people anything and they will vote for Adolph Hitler.  Governor Spitzer resigned in 2008 over a sex scandal.

Weiner a U.S. Congressman from NY also resigned over a few sex problems.  His wife ( Huma ) was and is Hill-gal’s personal assistant.

The current resignee was the Attorney General for New York State, the chief law enforcement officer, much like Eric ” Fast and Furious ” Holder was for the USA.

Trump predicted this a while back.   These government officials know what is going on, but if they rat out the perverts someone will expose their own failings.

People with strange eyes should always be suspect.  I want to know where ole Chuck Schumer gets his horns polished and cloven hooves pedicured. 




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