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_______________________________________________________________________________________ Georgia produces more feature films than Hollywood.


The Editor:   Is the government getting smarter, LL ?

Not Really Cat:   They are still protecting their own interests, but some things are looking up.  Americans might be coming home from war criminal Bush’s war.

Amazon employees still have it rough.

Maybe the Americans can come home from SOKO,   sixty ( 60 ) years is long enough for the SOKO’s to develop a plan to survive without us.  The real reason is our Pentagon doesn’t want to lose power/influence, just like the troops in Germany.

They might even stop buying parts for our armed forces from China.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Plurality of Singularities at the Galactic Center
Image Credit: NASA/CXC / Columbia Univ./ C. Hailey et al.

Explanation: A recent informal poll found that astronomers don’t yet have a good collective noun for a group of black holes, but they need one. The red circles in this Chandra Observatory X-ray image identify a group of a dozen black holes that are members of binary star systems. With 5 to 30 times the mass of the Sun, the black hole binaries are swarming within about 3 light-years of the center of our galaxy where the supermassive black hole identified as Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) resides. Yellow circles indicate X-ray sources that are likely less massive neutron stars or white dwarf stars in binary star systems. Alone, black holes would be invisible, but as part of a binary star system they accrete material from their normal companion star and generate X-rays. At the distance of the galactic center Chandra can detect only the brighter of these black hole binary systems as point-like sources of X-rays, hinting that many fainter X-ray emitting black hole binaries should exist there, as yet undetected.

Tomorrow’s picture: volcano with lightning