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This could not happen to a lower piece of trash.  After reading “Fast and Furious ”  by Katie Pavlich—– Obama, Holder, and Janet Napolitano, should be banished from America, along with their kids.  These creeps sank even lower than Bill Clinton selling a grave at Arlington National Cemetery, to a campaign contributor.


 The Editor:  Is this about politicians, LL ?

Voodoo Cat:   Just one,  new one.   Here are some strange people.  One has horns like Chuck Schumer.

From recent reports I thought Amazon was a financial giant.  They can’t come close to screwing their customers like Apple.

They just cheat.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Rotation of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Gaia, DPAC

Explanation: This image is not blurry. It shows in clear detail that the largest satellite galaxy to our Milky Way, the Large Cloud of Magellan (LMC), rotates. First determined with Hubble, the rotation of the LMC is presented here with fine data from the Sun-orbiting Gaia satellite. Gaia measures the positions of stars so accurately that subsequent measurements can reveal slight proper motions of stars not previously detectable. The featured image shows, effectively, exaggerated star trails for millions of faint LMC stars. Inspection of the image also shows the center of the clockwise rotation: near the top of the LMC’s central bar. The LMC, prominent in southern skies, is a small spiral galaxy that has been distorted by encounters with the greater Milky Way Galaxy and the lesser Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC).

Tomorrow’s picture: open space