Archive | May 24, 2018




The Editor:  What is show me, LL ?

Show Me Cat:  I am ready for the Federal Government to take away all guns.  There will be none for cops, security, or anyone, especially the rich.

TE:  Are there any conditions, SMC ?

SMC:  All they have to do is show me a success the Feds have had in the last forty ( 40 )  years.  From 1978 until now.

The budget is a bust.  The national debt is three ( 3 ) times the value of all the gold ever mined in human history.  That includes Sweet Jenny’s ring.

Show me how you control immigration.  The national debt clock could easily be adjusted to show illegals coming across our border.

Our industrial facilities can’t make our bombs.

Show me how you have stopped any type of drug, legal, illegal, homemade, homegrown or picked up on the street.  California can’t even control legal Marijuana.  They price it higher than illegal stuff from Mexico.

The War Criminals Bush 41 & 43 with Congress’s approval have put us in two  ( 2 ) wars that have lasted longer than Vietnam.

The spy agencies were surprised when the Berlin Wall fell, and the USSR collapsed.  9/11 was a complete surprise despite low ranking employees in the FBI being laughed at when they sounded an alarm.   80 % of the school massacre killers were under FBI surveillance.  The Russians reported the Boston Marathon terrorist twice to the FBI.