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Here is racist Trump pardoning a black man who the Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama didn’t.


The Editor:   Is this about property, LL ?

Hectare Cat:  It sure is, here is a beautiful place that is adding more land because they are starting to turn Billionaires away because of no more available land.

This is the Bush’s vacation home in Maine.…6031.14237.0.17431.….0…1c.1.64.img..0.0.0….0.BPEGhuShrFU#imgrc=I59RFOgDL920VM:

Here is another innovative idea.

Amsterdam is tired of being a ” party town “.

Las Vegas has a new building on the way.  ( MSG  is–Madison Square Garden in New Slimy York ).

Split Second vs Nano Second

I have discovered the answer to a question that has been puzzling scientists for hundreds of years. What is the exact difference between a split second and a nanosecond?

My girlfriend and I were getting ready to go to a fancy dinner when, right as we were about to leave home, my girlfriend asked me the question all guys dread. She asked, “Does this dress look bad on me?”

If I had said “no” in a nanosecond, we’d have been out the door. However, since I took a split second before responding, she had to go back up to her closet to change, again.