The Editor:   Is there news about wildlife, LL ?

Lizard Cat:   There sure is,  the Iguanas are making more trouble in The Sunshine State.   They have no natural enemies in Florida.

They could pay a bounty of five ( 5 )  dollars for each one turned in, then take a hoe and cut their heads off.   They could feed them to the alligators instead of the gators eating kids at Disney.

TE:  Aren’t all the Hoes working for the Secret Service ?

LC:   Not those Hoes, the garden tool type.   Here is, maybe, a success story.  If they really want these parrots to be successful they should ship a couple to Florida.  In a year they would have more blue parrots than illegal aliens.

Crows might be smarter than Progressive/Democratic/Communist.

Our big pharmaceutical companies made the first patented medicine from marijuana.   That way they can charge you $ 100 a pill instead of you growing your own.




The Editor:   Will you ever run out of snake articles, LL ?

Slithering Cat:   They are like Progressive Democrats, too numerous to control.   Here are a few links to our animal friends.

Here is a song about birds.

Watch out for jellyfish.

This might be my favorite.  Forget the d-Con, traps, and dogs.  If you have a rat problem feed them some Indian Rupees.

I have to show this, it is one of our loyal readers favorite.

Top Ten Country Songs of all Time

























The Editor:   Is this about sex, LL ?

Cocaine Cat:  No, Coke-Cola is selling an alcoholic drink.  The alcohol is probably the ingredient that is best for you.

Here are a bunch of coke sites.  I get them all mixed up.

TE:  Is there a reason for your coke article, CC ?

 I Am Not a MD Cat:  I am on a quest to get kids/people off sugar.  Equal,  Aspartame,  Sweet N’ Low,  Saccharin,  Nutrasweet, Splenda, and a dozen other names are not a natural sweetener for the human body.  Your body can make all of the sweetener ( Insulin/glucose ) it needs from natural foods.  The above mentioned things cause cancer, mood swings, and other things.

Thank God for Leroy Brown for Thursday Music……..



The Editor:  Do plants deserve an entire article, LL ?

Broccoli Cat:  They sure do.  Almost everything on Earth depends on plants, that’s why they try to protect themselves.

Here are a couple of forest stories.  I like the native Chilean’s answer to their problem.

Here is another Tesla that might burn your family to death while you sleep.

For goodness sake, be careful with gasoline.

These firefighters make their own fire.

It is impossible to find hit songs with Wednesday in the title…So I decided to compile a group of songs with the color RED in the title…….In respect for the Giant Red Wave I hope we witness in November….


The  Editor:   Who are you talking about, LL ?

Muckraker Cat:  Members of Congress, here are some basic benefits.  They have many more not listed.

This creature wants us to pay for his home in D.C.  Let him live in barracks at Andrews Air Force Base, or even better live with one of his lobbyist.  He is in bed with them, anyway.  What a slime-ball.

Here is one hate-spewing woman & what she would look like as a dog.

This is ole Bernie the poor Socialist, who wants taxpayers to pay for everything.  He has three ( 3 )  homes.

I hope Americans can see that these creatures want your grandchildren to live as a third world citizen.  The creatures already have enough money to move their grandchildren to Switzerland.  They just dance around the issues that Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama started.

Tappin’ in Songs for Tuesday Morning…..




The Editor:   Can you disappear, LL ?

Small Cat:  No, but sometimes I wish I could become invisible.

In DC,  about a thousand ( 1,000 ) public school teachers licenses  have disappeared.

The infra-structure in NYC is disappearing.

Maintenance is disappearing in everything.  This is/was a ratty looking building.  A little upkeep goes a long way.