The  Editor:   How does American politics work, LL ?

Muckraker Cat:  This is a classic example.  If an ex-President can’t take furniture and silverware like the Clinton’s when they left the White House, he can always swap services performed while in office for favors done when he leaves office.  Here is ole Barry getting a forty-million dollar ( 40  ) job from Netflix’s  Chief Content Officer after he appointed his wife to Ambassador in the Bahamas while he was President.    You can’t make it up.  The American voters are fools.

Elizabeth Warren has finally discovered where she got her high cheek bones.   It wasn’t from Native Americans, it was from Asia.  Ancestry says she is a Freaking Chinese Communist  ( Chicom ).

While these thieves are busy stealing taxpayer and monopoly money the local governments, who the taxpayers should replace, are persecuting children.  This is just like the parents leaving school administrators in charge of their children, instead of making the rules that govern their kids.

This weeks real estate is notable.

The politicians want everything given to them.  Their only talent is ” sweet talking “.

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