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Yesterday was the seventy-fourth anniversary of D-Day.  The Progressives are no less a danger to our society than the Nazis.


The Editor:   Does America have a great future, LL ?

Reality Cat:  Our loyal readers can figure it out.

Is Californication still progressing, RC ?

They sure are.  They are number one ( 1 ) in VD, and people moving because they can’t afford the property.  When the US government moves because of high real-estate things suck.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Clash of NGC 3256
Image Credit & License: NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope

Explanation: Marked by an unusually bright central region, swirling dust lanes, and far flung tidal tails, peculiar NGC 3256 is the aftermath of a truly cosmic collision. The 500 million year old clash of two separate galaxies spans some 100 thousand light-years in this sharp Hubble view. Of course when two galaxies collide, individual stars rarely do. Giant galactic clouds of molecular gas and dust do interact though, and produce spectacular bursts of star formation. In this galaxy clash, the two original spiral galaxies had similar masses. Their disks are no longer distinct and the two galactic nuclei are hidden by obscuring dust. On the timescale of a few hundred million years the nuclei will likely also merge as NGC 3256 becomes a single large elliptical galaxy. NGC 3256 itself is nearly 100 million light-years distant toward the southern sailing constellation Vela. The frame includes many even more distant background galaxies and spiky foreground stars.

Tomorrow’s picture: Fermi Friday