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Here is a great place.


The Editor:   Is the title referring to things based on performance, LL ?

Individual Exceptionalism Cat:   It sure is, my first example is the Belmont Stakes, held today, 6-9-18.   Justify has a shot at the triple crown.

Here is another great example.  A beauty contest is doing away with beauty.   Maybe they can just show old shows of CNN, MSNBC, and toss in a few photos of Michelle Obama and Rosie O’Donnell.   Could someone let The Sphinx know the Nielsen Ratings of the new format?

Here is another performance based decision.

Kim Jong-Un wanted a Burger King franchise in NOKO, but after reading the article about the one serving rat-feces in Baltimore he changed to McDonald’s.

Amigo, said that for the last seventeen  ( 17 ) months he has awakened to a bright day, with no Hill or Bill in the White House.  He feels special.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Countryside Mars and Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Jose Luis Hernandez Verdejo

Explanation: Mars shines brightly now in planet Earth’s sky. Seen with a yellowish hue it rises over the hills and far away in this serene night skyscape, a countryside panorama recorded last month from Parque Nacional de Cabaneros in Spain. The Milky Way too extends above the distant hills into a starry sky. Its faint pinkish nebulae, cosmic rifts and rivers of dust are mingled with the pale, diffuse glow of starlight. Mimicking Mars’ yellow tint, bright star Antares shines to the right of the central Milky Way starclouds. Of course, CubeSats from Earth are on their way to the Red Planet.

Tomorrow’s picture: the Y5B problem