Here is a great place.


The Editor:   Is the title referring to things based on performance, LL ?

Individual Exceptionalism Cat:   It sure is, my first example is the Belmont Stakes, held today, 6-9-18.   Justify has a shot at the triple crown.

Here is another great example.  A beauty contest is doing away with beauty.   Maybe they can just show old shows of CNN, MSNBC, and toss in a few photos of Michelle Obama and Rosie O’Donnell.   Could someone let The Sphinx know the Nielsen Ratings of the new format?

Here is another performance based decision.

Kim Jong-Un wanted a Burger King franchise in NOKO, but after reading the article about the one serving rat-feces in Baltimore he changed to McDonald’s.

Amigo, said that for the last seventeen  ( 17 ) months he has awakened to a bright day, with no Hill or Bill in the White House.  He feels special.

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