Happy  Father’s  Day.


The Editor:   Do bees understand the concept of 0 ( zero ) in mathematics, LL ?

Zero Cat:  They sure do.  As a matter of fact,  Americans  would be better off if bees ran the government.   So far there is no evidence that they understand  minus ( – ) in mathematics.  There would be no deficit spending.

Here are some bees brought over to South America, from Africa, to increase the honey production, but they escaped and mated with regular bees.  Their new name is Killer Bees.  They understand stinging.

Here is a piece of trash Bee.  Sam is going to the Rosie O’Donnell Beauty School to improve her appearance.   Just a touch of a little more testosterone here and there and she will be suitable.

This is a competitor of The Sphinx, the Sacramento Bee.

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