These vipers need to be indicted.   We all know there are two systems of Justice.


The Editor:  Didn’t you just do a religious article, LL ?

Old Testament Cat:    I did, but this is about the Old Testament, where everyone gets smited.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..4.1.373….0.eccjy6D4rtc

TE:   How does the Bible affect the article, OTC ?

OTC:   Everyone is using the Bible as a source for their opinions on illegal kids in America.  First of all the ” Kids ”  range in age from four  (4 ) to thirty-four ( 34 ) years old.  This policy was started under Obama, dog kennels included.

Trump is going to use the Jews escaping Egypt as an example of solving part of the problem.

TE:  Trump isn’t going to smite the children is he ?

OTC:   No,  he is going to give them a Spanish to English Dictionary and tell them to return legally when they can speak English, and know American History.

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