The courts screw the consumer twice.



The Editor:  Is this about the band KISS, LL ?

Simple Cat:  No,  this is about ” keep it simple, stupid “.  Many states have returned to using paper ballots for elections.  It is simple, economical, efficient, and you can keep tract of them.   They can’t be lost in the ether of electronic space.  They do take a couple of hours longer to count, but you have them forever unless the usual crooked politician’s buddies throw them away.   See JFK and LBJ elections.  That was as easy as pie.

Wendy’s will add an addition menu item for your cat.  They just put a plastic tie on the bun bag and you are ready to go.

California will finally start issuing  REAL  ID’S.   They have had ten ( 10 )  years of delays.  The new requirement is a birth certificate, and other proofs of residency.  That is,  if a sanctuary state can be trusted.  Trump should hire American Citizens who have a relative that was killed by an illegal to oversee the program.

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