The  Editor:   Who are you talking about, LL ?

Muckraker Cat:  Members of Congress, here are some basic benefits.  They have many more not listed.

This creature wants us to pay for his home in D.C.  Let him live in barracks at Andrews Air Force Base, or even better live with one of his lobbyist.  He is in bed with them, anyway.  What a slime-ball.

Here is one hate-spewing woman & what she would look like as a dog.

This is ole Bernie the poor Socialist, who wants taxpayers to pay for everything.  He has three ( 3 )  homes.

I hope Americans can see that these creatures want your grandchildren to live as a third world citizen.  The creatures already have enough money to move their grandchildren to Switzerland.  They just dance around the issues that Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama started.

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