The Editor:   Is there news about wildlife, LL ?

Lizard Cat:   There sure is,  the Iguanas are making more trouble in The Sunshine State.   They have no natural enemies in Florida.

They could pay a bounty of five ( 5 )  dollars for each one turned in, then take a hoe and cut their heads off.   They could feed them to the alligators instead of the gators eating kids at Disney.

TE:  Aren’t all the Hoes working for the Secret Service ?

LC:   Not those Hoes, the garden tool type.   Here is, maybe, a success story.  If they really want these parrots to be successful they should ship a couple to Florida.  In a year they would have more blue parrots than illegal aliens.

Crows might be smarter than Progressive/Democratic/Communist.

Our big pharmaceutical companies made the first patented medicine from marijuana.   That way they can charge you $ 100 a pill instead of you growing your own.

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