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The Editor:   Do cats have security clearances, LL ?

Secret Agent Cat:   No, our lives are pretty dull.  One thing that I like about Trump was his 5 ( five )  year ban on lobbying after his appointees leave the government.  As far as security clearances for people no longer employed by the government  there should be none.   Once you leave office your security clearance should be cancelled.

TE:   Why is that, SAC ?

Judas Cat:   For one reason the traitors go to work for foreign governments or countries.  Another reason is they start to work for news organizations.  There is no reason on God’s green earth that taxpayers should help these people make money after they leave office.   Here are some examples of these traitors supporting political ideologies when their jobs were to gather information, not support a political party.

These creeps should be working for the DNC.




The Editor:   For our loyal readers too busy to put down the phone, what is social media, LL ?….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.12.994….0.wkzTNNnAYzo

Anti-Social Cat:   Basically it’s electronic sites like Twitter and Facebook.  The problem is they have started to censor  conservative comments.  Personally,  I hope people stop using them.   Zuckerberg and other owners don’t like conservative opinions.

The sites are also censoring conservative view points.

I’m not sure you can get unbiased news.




The Editor:  What is new, LL ?

Good Idea Cat:  Here is a good idea, but it wouldn’t work in America.  You can’t teach people hygiene, morals, and how to care for property.  In America they would need daily policing or they would turn into meth /crack/dope houses.

Some governments don’t want employees to get free meals.

Here is a great Democrat idea,  pay illegal law breakers.

Here is a benefit that U.S. Senators get.

Here is a benefit of being Biden’s niece.

What pitiful government employees.




The Editor:   Wut is going on with Tesla cars, LL ?

I Wouldn’t Get In A Car For A Dozen Mice Cat:   They have lost their way.  They have asked their suppliers to give them free parts.  They must be DemocRATs.

Maybe Musk has been drinking too much California wine or is having a midlife crisis.


The Editor:   Is this the end, again, LL ?

Biblical Cat:   It must be, it’s on the internet.

It sure looks like the end.

This video is graphic.


The Editor:  Are you getting bored, LL ?

Apathy Cat:   I sure am.  New Jersey wants to add a second tax to tap water.

Obama is still lying.

Here is Nancy Pelosi meeting with the Syrian dictator.

Sailors want to grow beards.  Let them grow them one ( 1 ) inch long-neatly trimmed.

Wild horses are in trouble in drought areas.




The Editor:   What are the treasures, LL ?

Treasure Hunter Cat:  Here is one reason that if I owned a treasure hunting company I wouldn’t tell anyone anything.  If I found a treasure sunken hundreds of years ago I would get all the valuables and tell the thieves trying to take it to pi** up a doubloon.  This is found treasure, like a brown bag of cash in a courthouse.

Our crew wouldn’t have to pay taxes.

This would be our mascot.



This looks like a big butt or a tick.


The  Editor:   How is the world, LL ?

World Citizen Cat:  It seems like time is passing.  After all the hate, poison, and stupid lies the DemocRATS have been polluting the air waves with this is probably the only honest DemocRAT in Washington.  His only crime was being uninformed about how volcanic islands are formed.

This is the three-wheeler you always wanted.

Hungary wants to keep their borders, language, and culture like patriotic Americans.

Trump likes ole Joe Biden.

Joe will get all dressed up with no place to go.




The Editor:   Why do we have so many rats, LL ?

Hygienic  Cat:    People are nasty creatures.  People in liberal sanctuary cities are the nastiest.   San Francisco would be in this list but the rats have been killed by hepatitis ( usually caused by a virus )    found in the human feces left on the streets.

Airlines should start inspecting for bedbugs or dipping customers in sheep dip.

Here are some special birds from Californication.   Some people are so fed up that they are throwing them off of bridges.