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Our loyal readers should be aware of their local weather.


The  Editor:   What’s the law, LL ?  Is this it ?

That certainly is the law,  but I’m talking about the new law in Georgia, U.S.A.

The Sphinx would also suggest that you put your phone in the back-seat so you might remember your baby or pet in the rear-seat, when you get to your destination.

Our loyal readers should also ” BUCKLE  UP “.   The Fourth of July Holiday is dangerous.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Fresh Tiger Stripes on Saturn’s Enceladus
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, JPL, SSI, Cassini Imaging Team

Explanation: Do underground oceans vent through the tiger stripes on Saturn’s moon Enceladus? Long features dubbed tiger stripes are known to be spewing ice from the moon’s icy interior into space, creating a cloud of fine ice particles over the moon’s South Pole and creating Saturn‘s mysterious E-ring. Evidence for this has come from the robot Cassini spacecraft that orbited Saturn from 2004 to 2017. Pictured here, a high resolution image of Enceladus is shown from a close flyby. The unusual surface features dubbed tiger stripes are visible in false-color blue. Why Enceladus is active remains a mystery, as the neighboring moon Mimas,approximately the same size, appears quite dead. A recent analysis of ejected ice grains has yielded evidence that complex organic molecules exist inside Enceladus. These large carbon-rich molecules bolster — but do not prove — that oceans under Enceladus’ surface could contain life.

Tomorrow’s picture: deep sky colors