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Here is a spooky protestor on the Statue of Liberty.  Her group wants to abolish our Immigration and Custom Enforcement  ( ICE ).


The Editor:  What is spooky, LL ?

Crazy Cat:   The whole world has gone crazy.   Follow the money has become a permanent part of American Politics.  Here is one reason nonprofits and religious organizations love illegals of any shape and size.

Here are some spooky clouds, and an example of what the Progressive Democrats want out of Socialism.

Richard Branson the billionaire is going to give his fortune to the poor.

Thieves steal tracking device from a stork,

It is spooky out there.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Shadow Rise on the Inside Passage
Image Credit & Copyright: Steve Cullen

Explanation: At sunset look east not west. As Earth’s dark shadow rises from the eastern horizon, faint and subtle colors will appear opposite the setting Sun. This beautiful evening sea and skyscape records the reflective scene from a cruise on the well-traveled Alaskan Inside Passage in the Pacific Northwest. Along the horizon the fading sunset gives way to the the pinkish anti-twilight arch, more poetically known as the Belt of Venus. Often overlooked at sunset in favor of the brighter western horizon, the lovely arch is tinted by filtered sunlight backscattered in the dense atmosphere, hugging the planet’s rising blue-grey shadow.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space