The Editor:   Is this about the Twin Towers or the Twin Cities, LL ?

Baby Cat:  No, it’s about twin babies and a little of their thoughts in their mother’s womb.

Twin Red:  Do we have souls ?

Twin Blue:  We sure do, that’s why we hold hands.

TR:  I sure hope our mother doesn’t do cocaine, alcohol, and the other poisons.  I’m just getting big enough to kick.

TB:  That’s for sure,  I hope our parents don’t do a partial birth abortion and suck our brains out before we are delivered.

TR:   The Planned Parenthood Group is big on that.  They can sell our flesh, but we will always have our souls.

TB:  Why do the Americans want illegal kids from anywhere and kill defenseless babies.

TR:   They lost their souls. 

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-TWINS

  1. If females don’t want to get pregnant use the morning after pill, and then you will only get an STD.

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