The Editor:   What are the treasures, LL ?

Treasure Hunter Cat:  Here is one reason that if I owned a treasure hunting company I wouldn’t tell anyone anything.  If I found a treasure sunken hundreds of years ago I would get all the valuables and tell the thieves trying to take it to pi** up a doubloon.  This is found treasure, like a brown bag of cash in a courthouse.

Our crew wouldn’t have to pay taxes.

This would be our mascot.


  1. We had some brown bag treasures like that once upon a time in the commissioners office. Without the contents of those little magic brown bags……Teen Challenge would not be in business today on Prayer Mountain Hill….in Southern Pike County. It is going to be tough pulling all those bags through the eye of the Heavenly needle, isn’t it? Probably as tough as the Proverbial camel……I am glad you are a true Christian Cat….Lois Lion….one whose values and scruples cannot be bought at any price. That is why you are my mentor. That is why I love and respect you.

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