The Editor:   Do cats have security clearances, LL ?

Secret Agent Cat:   No, our lives are pretty dull.  One thing that I like about Trump was his 5 ( five )  year ban on lobbying after his appointees leave the government.  As far as security clearances for people no longer employed by the government  there should be none.   Once you leave office your security clearance should be cancelled.

TE:   Why is that, SAC ?

Judas Cat:   For one reason the traitors go to work for foreign governments or countries.  Another reason is they start to work for news organizations.  There is no reason on God’s green earth that taxpayers should help these people make money after they leave office.   Here are some examples of these traitors supporting political ideologies when their jobs were to gather information, not support a political party.

These creeps should be working for the DNC.

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