How do stupid people get rich ?


The Editor:   What is the crisis, LL ?

Tax Cat:  Amigo got his truck tax statement in the mail, the government of Zebulon, Pike County, Georgia, U.S.A. charges you an extra dollar to mail in your payment.  Amigo looked like Maxine Waters when someone mentions The Constitution.   I gave him an emergency Vodka Martini to calm his nerves.  Here are some relevant facts.–UsOX9Q1CH9ngLXJEOm_Wn8%3D&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjRk5S35b_cAhVh8IMKHUgNDgQQ9QEwBHoECAYQDA#imgrc=PnmJOqtbKk43VM:

TE:  Did the Martini calm him down ?

Counselor Cat:  It did for a while.  I explained that the parking around the courthouse is all head-in and that you can’t see how to back- out because the SUV’s parked beside you  are 30 feet long, and the windows are tinted darker than Hillgal’s heart.  I also explained that mailing in the payment would not expose him to the STD’s  and snot running out of the clerk’s nose ring.

Here is another fee that set off Amigo.   You are charged for not using enough long distance.  He changed to Margaritas.

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