The Editor:   What made America, LL ?

Freedom Cat:   People fleeing persecution, who wanted freedom.  Many things made America.  The first one made America great, filling a need.

TE;  Has America failed some people ?

For the past fifty ( 50 ) years America has done a B Plus on government responsibility.  You can’t control individual actions.  This woman’s family and friends have failed her.  She will be gone shortly, and everyone will say what a wonderful person she was.

These people were not educated by their schools or family.  Most schools are government schools, maybe they want ignorant citizens, you can control them more easily  (  like illiterate illegals ).  If they don’t know their God given rights they can’t complain about their loss.  Parent had better take back control of their schools.

American Airlines still haven’t trained their employees, they are The Wells Fargo of the airline industry.

Learn some manners.

Everyone wants justice and respect, but too many are stupid, uneducated, or poorly trained.

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