The Editor:  Are there a lot of fools running around, LL ?

If there are,  I wonder if they can top this fool ?  He should have moved a mountain first.

Fool Sniffer Cat:    You bet there are, that is one reason America will collapse five ( 5 ) years from today.   Here are some fools.

It is evident that Cuomo  has lost his Italian heritage and replaced it with bunny brains, someone needs to show him how to act like a man.  The guy who would relocate a Black Widow Spider is just stupid.

Here is another fool.  Go home, your public service is finished.  I am tired of lies from you, Clapper, Comey, and the rest of ex Obama/Hillgal  politicians.

All of you fools are close enough to Arlington Cemetery to go pay a visit, and show some respect to people who made your jobs and freedom possible.

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