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The  Editor:  What do you know about security-clearances, LL ?

You Wouldn’t Know The Truth Cat:  Every appointed employee who is no longer employed on Cumberland has their security-clearance cancelled.  That way they can go and work for their political party, or be a lobbyist for China.  They don’t need to know any more secrets when they are out of office.  They can go pound sand or pi** up a rope.  The truth hurts for these creeps who are operatives for the Democrats and still want access to Trump’s Policies.

Why in God’s name would anyone continue to be civil to people who call you a traitor, terrorist, colluder, threaten your son and wife with being raped by pedophiles and the other hate filled  junk.  No one will remember the names of these traitors in ten ( 10 ) years.

Karma is a witch, ask Hillgal.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.5.624….0.5MU11ZfoCQ8

Here is another example of moral relativism.  Killing a twin embryo with no health problems.  These people are running our schools and colleges.