This Ain’t Mayberry

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(Post submitted and written by Larry Kelley)

Pike County, Georgia needs direction, rather than just a smile & hand shake from 
the folks who are supposed to lead our county. 

Has any citizen in Pike heard of the mass increase in auto break ins that are 
occurring almost nightly in Pike?  We, as citizens & tax payers, should be up in 

The county commission has approved so many subdivision permits this year, we better
start thinking.  All of this didn’t just happen over night. Remember when Citizens 
of Fulton County began to move to Clayton, then Henry, Fayette, Coweta & Spalding 

Now it is Pike’s turn in the destruction of personal values.  As we approve SECTION
8 Homes to be built in Pike, so goes the neighbor hoods, school system, and law 
abiding citizens. Have you ever noticed a home owner who allows his trash to pile 
up & up.  Pretty soon it becomes uncontrollable.  Same thing with crime, the
more trash that moves into Pike County, so goes our crime rate. 

Thanks to our leaders we are becoming the same as fore mentioned counties.  Our 
sheriff should be allowed to have a deputy force that is large enough, and equipped 
well enough to prevent our county from becoming the next crime ridden county & 
protect the rights of the citizens of his county. Look at Spalding County. They have 
about 400 inmates at this time. Why? Mainly drug use and that leads to stealing & 
worse crimes.  

The citizens of Pike should join together & form a citizen task force to attend
county meeting on a regular basics  & demand that our law enforcement of Pike County, 
have the funds necessary to STOP a few that don’t give a flip about anyone & 
anything. We don’t need more government supported citizens in Pike County & section
8 housing. 

Our schools are good at the moment but, just wait 5 years and see if one can still
make this statement.  Our law enforcement deserves the support of its citizens & 
the financial support of our elected officials, just as the schools, courts & other
agencies in Pike County.
I am,
Larry Kelley

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