As far as John McCain’s political life was concerned, he died a A BITTER OLD MAN who wanted open borders for everyone.


The Editor:   Who said that, LL ?

Well Off Cat:  Rousseau may have originated the idea, but the rich have been using it for two-hundred  ( 200 )  years to keep their Jackboots on the necks of the average person.  The Nazis wore them with more style than other tyrants (  like America’s Progressive Democrats ).

Anyway,  the rich use the phrase to keep the poor in their place.

TE:  Can you give our loyal readers an example of the rich using their Jackboots, WOC ?

WIFI Cat:   Cable is a good example.  South Korea, The United Kingdom, and Singapore seem to have the best overall price, reliability, and Mbps.

I guess happiness is where you find it.



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