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The Editor:   What’s new, LL ?

I’m Susie Fly Me Cat:  I had rather be a dog than fly anything from India.  The women pilots were probably asking each other if the suits made their butts look too big, the other pilots were probably smoking hashish.

Maybe Congress could forget about collusion and groping, and prevent a war over a two-bit land grab.

Google needs to be broken up.  They have begun to censor normal content, and become a political organization.  The airwaves ( wifi ) is owned by American citizens.

Mothers can still discipline kids.

Elephants morn a death.

Texas senate race news.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Lonely Neutron Star in Supernova Remnant E0102-72.3
Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/ESO/F. Vogt et al.); Optical (ESO/VLT/MUSE & NASA/STScI)

Explanation: Why is this neutron star off-center? Recently a lone neutron star has been found within the debris left over from an old supernova explosion. The “lonely neutron star” in question is the blue dot at the center of the red nebula near the bottom left of E0102-72.3. In the featured image composite, blue represents X-ray light captured by NASA’s Chandra Observatory, while red and green represent optical light captured by ESO‘s Very Large Telescope in Chile and NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in orbit. The displaced position of this neutron star is unexpected since the dense star is thought to be the core of the star that exploded in the supernova and created the outer nebula. It could be that the neutron star in E0102 was pushed away from the nebula’s center by the supernova itself, but then it seems odd that the smaller red ring remains centered on the neutron star. Alternatively, the outer nebula could have been expelled during a different scenario — perhaps even involving another star. Future observations of the nebulas and neutron star appear likely to resolve the situation.

Tomorrow’s picture: NASA’s 60th


Good day to all you folks in hearing range of my soapbox………….

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The last live, televised, murder that I can recall in my life, was when Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. At least, until yesterday….when the reputation of Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh was murdered.

I have seen no elaboration on the two comments that are most suspicious to me. Remember when Ford said…”I saw Mark Judge  in Safeway a few weeks later and he did not smile at me. He tried to ignore me, he was around the  shopping carts.” You will notice that he did not happen to be working on a register, that is too risky…it may have been a requirement to log into the register with a password…which would mean possible electronic tracking and catch the honorable doctor in a lie. You will also notice that he was not working in a particular department. Once upon a time…I worked at Ingles, some people worked in one department and only one department…so that was too chancy. Everybody in a grocery store will be around shopping carts. They are located at the entrance and exit doors. She added, “If anyone can find out when he worked at Safeway, that will give us a time frame.” Think about that for a minute.

What an ignorant addendum! We can track the exact cow that started a breakout of Mad Cow Disease  to the proper pasture in Brazil…. and she thinks finding an employment record is a problem?  Here is another highly unlikely segment of this Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery. She prefaced the above statement with this sentence: “My mother drove me to Safeway, but you know how young people are, I did not want to be seen with my mother, so when she went in one door,  I went in the other.” WHY WOULD SHE SAY THAT SENTENCE? NO NORMAL PERSON ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD PREFACE THAT COMMENT WITH THAT SENTENCE WITHOUT A LAWYER’S ADVICE. She done it simply because that prevents her mother from lying under oath, if questioned. Her mother can simply say, just like Colonel Klink…”I know nothing.” OR “Of coarse, Christine often went with me to Safeway, she could not legally drive.” Perhaps, the FBI investigation will discover that…….. that Safeway only had one door at that point in time…or it had the typical set of swinging doors, just like many stores today, one in and one out, juxtaposed. It probably did and possibly still does. If her lawyer had been a little smarter, just in case, they would have coached her to say, “My mother drove me to Safeway, but she waited for me in the car.” Then we would not be left to wonder if they avoided each other while in Safeway, if they purchased  their items at separate registers and if they came out separate doors so that she would not be seen with her mother..because, “You know how young people are.”

The other highly suspicious transformation in her testimony  is young PJ. If you recall, she originally said that PJ was a bystander of her attempted rape, the 4th person in the room. Then she immediately down-graded him to a downstairs position when she was being questioned in the hearing. That did not happen. No way did her mind remember, then forget, the face of  a person standing and watching her being raped. When she was asked if she had spoken to the other girl….”She said yes, she has some health issues and I hope she is feeling better.” Judge Kavanaugh already pointed out that Mark Judge has survived some serious drug issues. So what does that leave us with….it leaves us with one accuser (who cannot remember where she was, how she got to where she was or how she got home from where she was), one man whose life and family are being destroyed, one boy (Mark Judge) who does not remember the party but has since used drugs (they will say drugs impaired his memory of that night), one boy, PJ… who was originally  a BYSTANDER…but got demoted to the lower level of the house….who ALSO does not remember the party…. she had to take him out of the IMAGINARY action…because he has not used drugs, as far as we know…but I am sure he did go to a few beer drinking parties during his youth….at which…… he did not take a roll call.

This is a set-up that was strategically planned. It has already tainted Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation for the rest of his life. When his Grandchildren Google or Gaggle (after the #metoo movement takes control of it….) their Grandfather’s name….they will see all this Democrat trash about him. Maybe the FBI will do a thorough investigation and come back with the conclusion that Judge Kavanaugh, just as before, has an impeccable record.

If so, do you know what the Democrats will say? They will quote their Democrat Vice-President, Joe Biden……”the FBI does not reach conclusions.” As you recall, they ignored this quote as Chairman Grassley used it.

If this had been Jesus in the place of Judge Kavanaugh…..the Democrats would have said, “The way he flipped those tables over when he was upset with the money changers in the temple, shows he does not have the right temperament to be The Lord.”

This sickens me!

-Sheila Tolley-




The Editor:   Did you learn anything from the Honorable Senators, LL ?

Call Me A Sleazy Shyster Cat:   I sure did.  If you want justice, you have three ( 3 ) choices,  local,  state,  and federal attorneys.   You had better have some big bucks for all of them, or know where the skeletons are buried.  The only thing more slimy was the media.  Here are two DemocRATic Senators.

Here is what they look like out of uniform.

Here is a lying self righteous DemocRATic Senator from the hearing.  He was almost in Vietnam.

Here is Senator Dick ( Turban ) Durbin calling American soldiers Nazis.

This is Dr. Ford and the only person known to fly more.

She took a train to DC.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

55 Nights with Saturn
Image Credit & Copyright: Tunc Tezel (TWAN)

Explanation: For 55 consecutive nights Mediterranean skies were at least partly clear this summer, from the 1st of July to the 24th of August 2018. An exposure from each night was incorporated in this composited telephoto and telescopic image to follow bright planet Saturn as it wandered through the generous evening skies. Through August, the outer planet’s seasonal apparent retrograde motion slowed and drifted to the right, framed by a starry background. That brought it near the line-of-sight to the central Milky Way, and the beautiful Lagoon (M8) and Trifid (20) nebulae. Of course Saturn’s largest moon Titan was also along for the ride. Swinging around the gas giant in a 16 day long orbit, Titan’s resulting wave-like motion is easier to spot when the almost-too-bright Saturn is digitally edited from the scene.

Tomorrow’s picture: strangely placed star