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“This was an American achievement…. by white, heterosexual American men. America against the Godless USSR.”

The perfect Title is from my mentor. The final sentence is from me.

-Sheila Tolley-

Image result for original pic of neil armstrong placing the American flag on the moon

I was looking forward to this movie……….until I read the comment from Ryan Gosling as he tries to change history & justify eliminating the planting of the American Flag on the moon.


Ryan Gosling can kiss my America Loving, Republican Ass…….

Image result for political pro republican elephant pics





Ole Bill might have a tough time explaining this to his girlfriend.


The  Editor:  How tough are things all over, LL ?

Bad Cat:  It’s bad, bad all over.


The Socialist Venezuela government has collapsed.

The Iranians are still collecting the pallets of cash that Obama gave them.

A drought has hit Europe.

Here are some stones with carved messages on them.  They were placed in rivers to be found when the river was low, and warn of droughts.  Humor is as old as people.  The one carved in 1616 is thought to have been carved by RBG.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Aerosol Earth
Model Visualization Credit: NASA Earth Observatory, GEOS FP, Joshua Stevens

Explanation: On August 23, 2018 the identification and distribution of aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere is shown in this dramatic, planet-wide visualization. Produced in real time, the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP) model relies on a combination of Earth-observing satellite and ground-based data to calculate the presence of types of aerosols, tiny solid particles and liquid droplets, as they circulate above the entire planet. This August 23rd model shows black carbon particles in red from combustion processes, like smoke from the fires in the United States and Canada, spreading across large stretches of North America and Africa. Sea salt aerosols are in blue, swirling above threatening typhoons near South Korea and Japan, and the hurricane looming near Hawaii. Dust shown in purple hues is blowing over African and Asian deserts. The location of cities and towns can be found from the concentrations of lights based on satellite image data of the Earth at night.

Tomorrow’s picture: Sun day