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The Editor:  What is going on with the flag, LL ?

Don’t Tread On Me Cat:   Many people don’t, even rich successful Americans, like their country or anything resembling pride or patriotism.  They would move to any other place on earth except for the fortunes they are making off of people they despise ( the average deplorable American ).  Personally I hope the movie  ” First Man ” loses money.

Schools are trying to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance, as I reported a while back.  They refuse to fly the American Flag because it might upset foreign born students.  They can p***  up a flag pole rope for all I care.  I also like these flags.

TE:  What can our loyal patriotic readers do, DTOMC ?

The Right Stuff Cat:   Watch this at home and save fifty ( 50 ) bucks.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moon behind Lava Fountain
Image Credit & Copyright: Marcella Giulia Pace (GreenFlash.Photo)

Explanation: What’s happened to the Moon? Nothing, but something has happened to the image of the Moon. The heat from a volcanic lava fountain in the foreground has warmed and made turbulent the air nearby, causing passing light to refract differently than usual. The result is a lava plume that appears to be melting the Moon. The featured picture was taken as the full Sturgeon Moon was setting behind Mt. Etna as it erupted in Italy about one week ago. The picture is actually a composite of two images, one taken right after the other, with the same camera and lens. The first image was a quick exposure to capture details of the setting Moon, while the second exposure, taken after the Moon set a few minutes later, was longer so as to capture details of the faint lava jets. From our Earth, we can only see the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars as they appear through the distortion of the Earth’s atmosphere. This distortion can not only change the images of familiar orbs into unusual shapes, it can –unexpectedly at times — delay sunset and moonset by several minutes.

Tomorrow’s picture: galaxy on edge